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This is a list of things I need do:

Clean my house, wash my brain, get into more shenanigans (and less "situations"), be more adorable, learn when to bite my tongue, re-learn how to speak directly and coherently, remember it is my responsibility to say NO and I am allowed to say NO whenever the fuck I want, do more puzzles, drink more coffee, go new places, climb more trees, listen to more Animal Collective, get the psychedelic swag back, wake up earlier, read more books, stop putting holes in walls with my head, stop surrounding myself with metaphysical vampires (aka: know your enemies, remember how to feel out good friends), stop taking the title of that Elliott Smith song "A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to be Free" to heart (YOU DON'T EVEN LIKE THE FUCKING SONG!), walk down to the lake at least every other day while I'm still in Chicago (because I live two blocks away from this bitch), start putting my things back in boxes, find more things you can get rid of in the process, drink water regularly, spend time in the sunlight, make a pile of leaves and jump in it, go to a pumpkin patch (and try like hell to find one with a hayride), carve pumpkins (with friends?), go to a haunted house, go to my old home town and play on the train tracks I played on when I was a kid, go on a walk in the forest preserve my dad practically raised me in, print t-shirts, show my best friend everything I've learned when she comes to visit, rock the living fuck out of my remaining gigs here, and have one hell of a road trip with her back to Pennsylvania.

when night turns into day again
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