Feline Sugarpacket (13742) wrote,
Feline Sugarpacket

I had a dream last night that ended like this: I was watching my friend's three month old baby and it kept shrinking every time I looked at it or touched it, but it needed attention and I couldn't ignore it. I kept trying to console it - what's wrong, what's wrong? - and it would just scream and get smaller and more shriveled. Someone came into the room while this was happening and I tried to hide it, I didn't want to explain what the fuck was going on, or deal with the idea it was happening. We talked about mundane crap with weird edges and the whole time every piece of tissue behind my face was screaming "JUST GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME I NEED TO FIX THIS" but I was so compelled to hold my composure to an extent and not let this person in on the real issues at all. When they finally left I turned around and the baby was very shrivelled, the size of my hand and had crawled under a couch cushion and somehow lost its clothes and diaper in the process; it started shitting there, semi under the couch cushion and it looked like mint chocolate ripple ice cream but the room smelled worse than death. As it came out the baby's stomach caved in and the rest of it's body followed and what was left was a pile of terribly reeking excrement that was about the size of my hand (like the baby had been) and a baby no larger than a finger puppet all dried out, looking like a tiny, semi-baby shaped, scorched thin tortilla chip. I was a completely panicked mess, here I was with someone's new baby that they loved and cherished and suddenly it undergoes some intense voodoo transformation and vanishes, not even leaving a body for her parents to grieve over? I couldn't handle the pressure, I couldn't imagine giving her parents this tiny chip skin and a pile of mint chocolate chip looking poo in a Tupperware saying "This is all that's left of her, I don't know what happened - " No not at all. I crumpled up the hard shrivelled skin in my hand and sprinkled it into the corner of the couch cushion and left town. I didn't know what else to do.

Is this a metaphor for my inner child, or just fucking weird?
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