Feline Sugarpacket (13742) wrote,
Feline Sugarpacket

Writer's Block: Mystery meat

What is the most disgusting food you have ever eaten? What made it so gross?

If you can even call this a food (although, it states pretty clearly on the label that it as at least posing as food), this was by far the most disgusting thing I've ever put in my mouth. Which, if you know me, this is a pretty high bar of disgusting. As to what made it so gross? The ingredients kind of speak for themselves: Mechanically Separated Chicken, Beef Tripe, Partially Defatted Cooked Beef Fatty Tissue, Beef Hearts, Water, Partially Defatted Cooked Pork Fatty Tissue, Salt. Less than 2 percent: Mustard, Natural Flavorings, Dried Garlic, Dextrose, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite - all blended into a nice, runny paste.
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