Feline Sugarpacket (13742) wrote,
Feline Sugarpacket

somewhat uncertain/text collage, self portriat

"Snake Destiny pointed to Tina as God's personal name. By using her name in earnest Vegetable Sacrifice, I felt I could really draw the last bit of smoke from the bong."

The wreckage of the workship was still rolling downhill; he'd been blinded once before and I always used to say, listen to me - butterfly - there's only so much wine you can drink in one life but it will never be enough to save you from the bottom of your glass. Then the tree is on the horizon; everyone is getting very thirsty and very dessicated and it's hard to believe you'll ever be dead. Message bursts from archaic Mars streamed in and he rose suddenly, unsteadily staring out into the fire, oblivious to everything except one terrible thought: last night my window opened in the cold summer breeze and from the dark forest a white dog stared in at me, but I do suppose I'm having trouble with my inner/outer metaphysical appropriations lately. You know so much more than I ever could - you cannot see them or smell them or touch them, but they are all around you. It's the family curse: charming loner, idealist, dark mind, big heart, earthy, resilient, resourceful, unorthodox, overall disappointed in humanity and it's demise. This sounds very simple and straightforward, and it is. But it is not all that simple. In all reality it looks more like a Disney movie every day. You're like me, you know - I am anxious and it soothes me to express myself here, it's like whispering to oneself and listening at the same time. i grew up in a world where you only opened your mouth to insult some body (once, generations ago, embodied, he had breathed an alien air, walked an alien road; until his brain was chosen to undertake the incredible galactic rift). You say you want to know me but, it's dark in the past and my future's a mystery. I feel like I am beginning but I'm too old for more; running together and somehow uncertain. The opiate wore off by night and she began to walk normally. In my fashion, I have loved you. I guess you just prefer suffocating gloom. And now, Some Thoughts on the Subject of Keeping Giant Serpents. "turn up the house glow globes...we need to welcome our visitors!" no life seemed hidden beneath the snow but he cleared his mind, tried again, and produced a full concentration of inner sound. So, I took my choice and I raised the fifth of vodka and drank it straight.Suddenly the bathroom was like the inside of a huge defective woofer. Heinous vibrations, overwhelming sound. That little scarlet waist-coat belongs to Cock Robin! And she ironed it and put it to one side... "you son of a bitch," I said and looked sideways, rugged as a bear and slicker'n a weasel. "Why did you insist on bringing wrath down upon yourself?" well, in all honesty, I don't rightly know these days, sergeant. The house has no windows or doors, we all enter and exit as one. We stand on the threshold to always. forever is ever Undone. Or at least I used to think so. These days I take women to either the boxing matches or to the racetrack; we'll watch the military boats sail off over black waters. He was not exactly a master of romance, that Thomas Titmouse. and I forget now if you know this but at Earth Headquarters, they tied up the clothes in bundles and found out we were all insane in one way or another. They normally took me out for walks somewhere, because a big cat lives not by snoozing while alone; he needs exercise in a psychological as well as a physical way. But in all honesty I'm never quite lonesome when I'm by myself. Look to the sky; when you come around my eyes go blank. And - the proper ending for any story about people it seems to me, since life is now a polymer in which the earth is wrapped so tightly, should be the same abbreviation, which I now write large because I feel like it, which is this one: ETC.

"Here was someone powerful, spaced out, who cared about me, and who was stoned, always sticking to what is high. Truly I had found someone whose authority was deserved."

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